Friday, 17 April 2015

Broken plate jewellery or "shattered peices" & Autumns changing colours .

It has been such a long time since I sat here to tap out a few lines. I cant really say why, maybe it's a time thing or a lack of  inclination thing or a combination of both I suspect the latter. Whatever the reason I though it was high time I made the effort to reconnect with my blog, to make an effort to achieve one of the things that has been on my "to do" list. So here I go.
 The time seems to keep moving like a big old steam train chug chugging along at a faster than preferred pace, plans made but not achieved, seasons passing all to quickly then before you know it six or so months have passed and on looking back I ask myself, what have I done with those days, weeks, months ?. The answer...not a lot sadly. Oh I dabbled in a bit of jewellery making.

gifts for friends

Love this china
A birthday gift
These have all been made form old plates or in the case of the Orange bird, an old ginger jar was used. All were chipped or broken sadly/happily :-), I call my little creations "shattered pieces".
We are still renovating the house a slow but worth it process. This is possibly another reason for my not being proactive, my excuse and I'm sticking to it :-). Well the house and my work area is in disarray/turmoil...true, you should see it :-).

The new bathroom started

New bathroom coming along.

The wall had to be replaced for the bathroom, sookie checking to make sure all is perfect

The garden is wearing her autumn colours, leaves are falling and the shadows are longer, a time of year I love.

The fallen leaves.

Autumn colours through my window

Soon our beautiful tree will be winter bare.

Shadows of Autumn

Autumn leaves are falling
I have been working on my new website which isn't open yet so I wont bother with the link to that but you can check out my facebook page here:

All of our animal family are happily settling into the change of season, spending more time inside of an evening, we have even had the fire on a few times, temps can drop quite quickly here.
Miss Tilly, wont be long before she will be needing her winter jacket.

Little Sookie hiding behind my sewing machine, the fire was on so she was snug as a bug.

Miss Sookie.

Master Bart, top cat.

Master Bart enjoying the warmth.

This is the old man of the house, he "found" us, his name is Doc and he is about 10.

Beautiful Doc who adopted us 12 months ago.

The crab apples are ready to pick so crab apple jelly will be made, I sell it at our local general store where it has been a big hit, thankfully.
These were made a few weeks back.
So there you have it, now it's up to me to make sure I sit here and tap away for a short time every few weeks, for me and hopefully for you.
Hope you are all smiling and content.
Hugs and blessings