Thursday, 30 January 2014

Recycling paper and memories

I put this on my Facebook page last week, as I said I am caring for my mother at the moment and we have been having a bit of a declutter when I found some pretty used gift wrap in her wardrobe, I asked " what would you like done with these her reply " isn't it a shame to throw away such pretty paper " so I got to thinking and came up with this.
Take 1 small or large paper carry bag, some pretty used gift wrap, some PVA glue, bits n bobs like ribbon, charms, lace, whatever you want. Wet the paper with a spray bottle and gently crinkle, it will break and tear, but that's the idea :-), iron it dry with lots of folds in it, so wrinkle it as you iron.
Wet with spray bottle

Iron in wrinkles
Now just tear off odd shaped pieces and glue randomly to the front of your bag, add little pretty embellishments and this is what you will get.
These are to hold gifts for my friend who I see only when I'm here at Mums, we live three hours apart and we were once a close knit craft group and very close friends, but life changes and now I see them when I can, which isn't enough for me, I miss them dearly.

Just a little way to recycle and I saved some memories of lovely gifts that mum has received in the past.

Have a lovely weekend, and be thankful for every little thing  :-)

Sunday, 26 January 2014

My New blog and first post 2014

My New blog and first post 2014

Welcome 2014, for me I think this will be a much better year, why ? well I have a funny little quirk that I do, I add the numbers 2+0+1+4 = 7, for me that's a lucky number and I'm running with it, lol. So with my new blog and my new year, I hope to make all of my posts positive, uplifting, creative but most of all happy. Presently I am my mothers full time carer, she is on her way to 90 and has had some health issues which would if left on her own see her in a nursing facility, something I know mum dreads the thought of ( who can blame her) so after much discussion and thought my husband and I decided that for now, I would come here and care for mum, and he would come as often as possible to visit, we are 3 hours apart, not an ideal situation, but for now it's best, so I figure the universe will turn the pages of this new book, and create a story, with I'm sure many chapters, may they be filled mostly with events that bring a smile to my face.....lets see where it takes us :-)

Chris xo