Thursday, 17 July 2014

Farewell our Fairy

The Fairy Rose.
Its taken me a month to sit down and write this post, I knew the day would come but I was not quite ready when the Angels came to call.

I lost mum on the morning of June 16th, she was not sick in the sense of the word, she was, for lack of a better word a bit vague or ( pixielated ) which was a term of endearment that we used with mum and aunty Mel ( mums sister ) from time to time, "the two pixies". Mum had been saying odd little things for a day or two which I'm told can be a sign of an infection in the elderly, but on Sunday the 15th of June, she seemed more confused and just not her old self so a call to the ambulance saw her admitted to the hospital for a thorough check and hopefully to get some fluid and antibiotics, something we have done before and within a day or two she was always back to normal. So all the test were done and the conclusion was that mum may have a possible infection in one of the ulcers on her leg, so after spending 9 hours in emergency the hospital sent her home with antibiotics.

 Now if you have read my blog in the past you would know that mum had a great dread of having to move into a full time care facility, she also had a fear of hospitals, so as my sister was pushing her out in the wheel chair, she turned to me and said " there's a sign we like to see Chrissy " my reply was " whats that Pixie " she pointed to the exit sign and with a cheeky grin said " The Exit, its nice to be escaping " which gave us all a good laugh. So on my sisters insistence we decided that both mum and I would be better staying with her for a few days until mum was feeling better, so that's where we went on Sunday night after we "escaped" the hospital. I went back to mums to grab a bag for us both while my sister and hubby settled mum into her nice warm bed, with a nice dinner of chicken and vege bake and a lovely cup of tea, she was snug and warm and as she said felt full and sleepy. So we said good night to our dear little pixie tucked her in again, checked on her a few times before going to bed and somewhere in the wee small hours I think a band of the sweetest angels you could ever wish to meet came and smuggled our Mum,Nana fairy, pixie off to a beautiful home where there is no pain from horrible leg ulcers or sadness because her little body could not do the things it so badly wanted to do, like dig in her beloved garden or walk around and look at pretty treasures in the shops.
 She is home now with her mum, dad, brother, sister, husband, best friend, and many many more loved ones who had gone before her. We are left behind to live our lives without one of the most beautiful souls that God gave life to, I will miss my sweet, funny, graceful, gentle, kind mum every day until I see her again, but I am truly blessed to have been able to spend the time I did with her and especially over the past year as her full time carer and although my heart breaks for our loss I am also so very happy for mum, as her full time room had become available in the care facility and she was to have gone in on Thursday 19th of June, so you see that band of angels knew how mum dreaded " lock up " and I can almost hear them say " it's now or never Spide " ( another nick name given to her by her dad ) so she chose to take that step that we will all have to take some day and God love her escaped " lock up " .
 Thank you mum you gave us so much and the memories I have will comfort me.
I love you sweet Pixie, I hope you are strolling in that beautiful garden that you prayed to God about every night before you closed your eyes to sleep.
God bless . xoxoxox
Molly, Spide, Nana Fairy and  our sweet Pixie.
Sweet dreams Fairy.