Sunday, 5 October 2014

Spring is sprung and the birds have....pooped in my pegbasket !

Wisteria over the gate, do I see a bee ?

Spring Spring Spring, love love love it !!

Whats not to love about the season of spring, the birds are all singing away in the trees, the bees are buzzing, baby animals are everywhere, life is good.

I have seen lots of sweet duck families toddling about the place, wild bunnies are hopping around, I love them but sadly the farmers do not !

But farmers or not if one bunny needs saving, I'm the lady for the job. I cant stand by and see any animal harmed, so does that mean I'm not a true " country " girl ? probably not being that I came from the coast :-) but no bunny will be harmed on my watch ha ha.
Enough about bunnies lets talk about the garden. Our Pink lady apple tree is blooming away nicely, things start slowly here because we can have a late frost all the way into October.
Pink Lady

Pink Lady buds
The peach and plum have young fruit just starting to show up, hopefully some jam will come of this crop.....if the husband doesn't get to it first :-)


We have corn planted, chilli & tomatoes, and I am going to dig through my seed box, I'm sure I have some organic sweet Annie seeds tucked away in there.

Corn seedlings

Tomato seedlings

Chilli seedlings

Sweet Annie, someplace in my seed box :-)
While we were away on a trip to the South coast my friend and I did a lot of opp shopping and tip scratching and I was lucky enough to find an old dressing table and an old bike at the tip, on the side of the road I found a lovely old swing back chair, so I have lots of chalk painting to do, I will post the pictures next time as they were put straight in the shed which is stacked to the rafters !!.

Well that's it for me this week, I will leave you with some pictures of whats blooming in the garden. Hope your long weekend was a happy one and if your footy team is in the grand final I hope they win.
Bless Bless
White Iris

Isn't this sweet, just sitting near our water tank :-)
Skitty's garden RIP sweet kitty

Lilac bush

Skitty's garden under the Crab Apple tree

Lavender just blooming

water for the birds